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Wheels - Stocks Special Dual Wheels

Slr Type information

Step Up / Step Down Duals

A design enabling two wheels of different diameters to be dualled together when the two tyres have a similar static loaded radius (SLR) - This is the distance from the centre of the axle to the ground, with the tyre deflected under load. Ideally the SLR of both tyres will be the same or the dual tyre slightly less than the vehicle tyre, but it may be acceptable to have the dual tyre slightly larger than the vehicle tyre. Please call our office for advice.
16.9 - 30 on 15 x 30/28 600/65 - 28 on 18 x 28


13.6 - 38 on 12 x 30/34 16.9 - 34 on 15 x 34 4
11.2 - 46 on 10 x 46/38 16.9 - 38 on 15 x 38 8
12.4 - 46 on 10 x 46/38 18.4 - 38 on 15 x 38 8
9.5 - 48 on 8 X 48/38 16.9 - 38 on 15 x 38
11.2 - 48 on 10 x 48/38 18.4 - 38 on 15 x 38 8
13.6 - 48 on 12 x 48/38 20.8 - 38 on 18 x 38 12
20.8 - 38 on 18 x 38/32 Many combines on 32" wheels 12
20.8 - 42 on 18 x 42/38 710/70 - 38 on 23 x 38 12
520/85 - 46 on 16 x 46/42 710/70 - 42 on 23 x 42 12

Numerous combinations can be dualled in this way, listed here are only a few examples, other sizes are available.

Step Up / Step Down Duals

This is the most popular method and generally uses a smaller and narrower wheel and tyre as the dual. For example, a 13.6 R 48 dual tyre alongside a 20.8 R 38 tractor tyre will reduce the overall vehicle width to match an implement or make roadwork easier, or a 20.8 R 42 dual tyre alongside a 710/70 R 38 tractor tyre offers less expensive dualling than using two 710 tyres.

Combine Duals

These are particularly suited to this method - most large combines are fitted with a 32" diameter tyre of various widths and profiles but most of these have a very similar SLR. A standard 20.8 R38 tractor tyre will work as a dual alongside most of these 32" combine tyres and provide vey useful flotation and traction at very modest cost, and without putting massive strain on the combine axle and hubs.

Step Up Duals

If the tractor lives on relatively narrow larger diameter wheels and tyres, a smaller diameter wheel with a wider tyre of a matching SLR can be fitted as the dual. Care must be taken that the vehicle wheel is strong enough to support the extra leverage with the dual fitted.

The Wheel

We take a rim of one diameter and fit it with a spacer band of a different diameter to enable the dual wheel to fit to the different size vehicle wheel. A heavy flange fully machine welded between the rim and the spacer band takes up the difference in diameters and provides strength and reinforcement. All the advantages of our Standard Duals apply to Stepped Duals. Standard clamps, hooks and eyenuts and ribbed spacer bands are used throughout.

Straddle Row Duals

Extra wide spacer bands can be specified to allow the use of dual wheels for inter-row work. These are custom built to the required row spacing and can be either standard tractor sizes or rowcrop sizes. Note: The centre discs of the tractor wheels may need to be reinforced to withstand the additional loading due to the extra width and consequent leverage.This is more relevant when using rowcrop wheels due to the larger diameter discs (more leverage) and higher tyre pressures (harder ride).

Triple Wheels

All our standard Stocks Duals can also be used as triple wheels. Simply use the same size again, coupled onto the tractor wheel using clamp assemblies with extra long hooks. Some tractors are better suited than others for triple installations, for example, those using bar type axles.

Bolt-On Small Diameter Duals

For very small diameter wheels not able to utilise our standard clamping arrangement we offer Bolt-On duals, using conventional spacer bands to locate them. Eyenuts are attached to the tractor wheel as normal, and standard hooks are placed through a lugs or a flange ( depending on the wheel size) welded to the dual wheel and tensioned using a nut and spanner. Once attached these duals are as strong as our standard clamp type dual wheels.

Bolt-In Spacer Band Duals

An adaptor to allow our standard adjustable row crop wheels to be used as a single row crop or as a dual wheel alongside another rowcrop or standard tractor wheel. With the bolt in spacer bands removed, the row crop wheel reverts back to single use.

Bolt-In Power Rail Duals

Designed to fit some original tractor wheels of a rim and flange design, the bolt in power rails connect these wheels in exactly the same way as above. (supplied with spacer bands)

Bolt-In Adaptor for John Deere Cast Centre Wheels

Designed to fit to the original JD flange wheel that normally bolts to the JD cast centre, this adaptor converts spare JD wheels into duals.