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Increased strength. Our standard range of Stocks Duals are the strongest dual wheel available and feature new heavy duty clamps, hooks, eyenuts and eyebolts that carry a 5 year warranty. (refer to Warranty) To stay ahead of increases in tractor power, all components are upgraded and made from heat treated high tensile drop forged steel.

Stocks Duals Benefits

Increased traction = increased work rates with less fuel wastage - more hectares for less.
Decrease compaction
= improved soil structure, drainage and plant establishment.
Reduced deep wheelings
= fewer expensive remedial deep cultivations.
Reduced wheel slip
= reduced tyre wear and soil smearing.
Reduced tyre pressures
= improved ride and bigger tyre footprint.
Increased stability
= increased safety on hillside work.
Double the tyre beads
= reduced chance of tyres spinning on the rims of high horsepower tractors.
One design only
= suitable for all horsepower tractors

The Wheel

High quality rims up to 7mm thick have a heavy flat power rail rolled from 50 x 12mm steel continuously machine welded into them using a special process to provide the anchor for the clamps and to reinforce the rim.

Spacer Bands

Spacer bands up to 6mm thick are rolled with a double rib for additional strength and a precise concentric fit into the tapered bead section of the tractor wheel.The ribbed band ensures that the duals fit correctly and always run true, and are easy to remove without becoming wedged, and do not loosen when driving backwards.


There is no need to rotate the dual for alignment with the tractor wheel. Wherever the eyenuts are attached to the tractor wheel, simply fit a hook to the eye nut and an overcentre clamp to the dual wheel power rail, and tension with the handle supplied. Detailed Fitting Instructions are supplied with each pair.


Eyenuts are attached to wheel weight holes or rim bolts - a full range of different eyenuts are available to suit all tractors and wheel types.

Over Centre Clamps

A new design of clamp means easy fitting to fixed centre wheels - simply attach eyenuts to existing wheel weight holes. A unique removable spacer allows the clamps to work correctly either in this position, or attached to adjustable wheel rim bolts.


The clamps simply attach to the power rail which is positioned to the outside of the dual rim rather than on the spacer band - it is much easier and safer to fit and tension the clamps in this position - you do not have to bend over and reach deep inside the wheel to make adjustments. Once the clamps are correctly tensioned, lock them in position with the supplied " R clips " to prevent accidental release.


Please enquire for any special requests including; Extra wide or narrow spacer bands. Colour matched paint (the standard colour is gloss black).


It is really easy - to make life simple there is only one model of dual for each tyre size, and the number of clamps and other variables are allowed for in the design. So just tell us the tyre size, make and model of tractor, and we will supply you with the appropriate dual wheel.


We can supply and fit your choice of tyre - please call for options regarding tyre sizes, makes and prices. *Note: These tyre and rim combinations are as recommended by the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation. In some instances these may differ from the individual tyre manufacturers choice of rim. For any size not listed, PLEASE ENQUIRE

Clamp Recommendations - Click on images below to enlarge:

Generally the number of clamps supplied are sufficient for the size of the respective dual wheel. However, the minimum clamp recommendations for dual wheels used in the following applications are increased as follows:

Tractors used for steep hill side work - minimum 4 clamps per wheel
Loader handlers - 4 clamps per wheel
Front wheels of tractors 200 hp and over and all tractors with front mounted equipment - 4 clamps per wheel
Rear wheels JCB Fastrac up to 200 hp - 4 clamps per wheel
Rear wheels JCB Fastrac over 200 hp - 6 clamps per wheel
When two clamps per wheels can not be fitted diametrically opposite - 3 clamps per wheel

Dual clamps largeClamp D7011Bolt on dishes disc D7000XBolted on Dished Disc D7000XDual clamps largeBolt on Straight Disc D7001Bolt on dishes disc D7000XEyebolt John Deere D7001L-BWeld on Dished Disc D7000ZWeld on Dished Disc D7000ZWeld on eyenut flatWeld on Straight Disc D7000Y

Spare Parts

Clamp only D7011  
Hook D7002
16" (406mm) long
24" (610mm) long
36" (915mm) long
50" (1270mm) long
Heavy duty hexagonal eyenuts plus option high tensile bolts D7001 Select size and pitch from the Eyenut Identification Chart.
Heavy duty round eyenut with angled base and tapered washer + bolt for dished discs. D7000X M16 x 2.0
Heavy duty hexagonal eyebolt D7001L-G
M20 x 2.5
M22 x 2.5
Heavy duty weld on eye:- D7000Y
Flat Base
Angled Base
36mm Deep socket for fitting D7017  

Eyenut Fitting Instructions - Click on images below to enlarge:

Adjustable wheels with bolt in discs Threaded eyenuts are available to suit all rim bolt threads, and a 22mm eyebolt is used to fit JD cast centres. Eyenuts and eyebolts have a hexagonal shank to allow a torque wrench to be used to tighten them. Use Flat Base eyenuts for flat or shallow discs, and Angled Base for deep dished discs. Normally the clamp spacer is removed for adjustable wheels. Eyenut fitting instructions
Welded wheels with fixed discs and no rim bolts
Using the wheel weight holes. If the wheel has unused wheel weight holes, attach the eyenuts to these holes using suitable high tensile bolts. The over-centre clamps feature a unique spacer that alters the angle of the clamp and hook, and allow it to be used with eyenuts fitted in this position, and lock with a positive and secure over-centre action. This spacer is removed when fitting to adjustable wheels with rim bolts. Eyenut fitting instructionsUsing wheel weight holes with clamp spacer fittedEyenut fitting instructionsUsing rim bolts with clamp spacer removed

Tractor wheel showing spacers fittedImage of tractor wheel showing spacers fittedClose up image showing spacer fitted and removedClose up image showing spacer fitted and removed

Welding or Drilling If there are no weight holes available, then either holes must be drilled through the disc to fit bolts and threaded eyenuts, or use weld-on eyenuts. Use Flat Base for flat or shallow discs and Angled Base for deep discs. Refer to detailed Dual Wheel Fitting Instructions supplied with the wheels for information and dimensions regarding positioning.

Eyenut positioning