Standard Tractor Wheels

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Wheels - Standard Tractor Wheels

We offer two base designs of standard tractor wheel - bolted adjustable centre disc or welded fixed centre disc. Both use high quality rims and heavy duty centre discs formed from special steels and will be the heaviest available - rims up to 8mm thick and discs up to 15mm thick. Centre bores, stud holes and nut seats are precision CNC machined to ensure a perfect fit to the tractor hub. Rotational welding machines ensure perfect welds, and a high quality 2 pack colour matched paint finish completes the wheel.

Adjustable Centre Wheels

Adjustable centre wheels offer a range of different track settings to fit a variety of row or bed widths, and may be fitted with alternative discs to suit different tractors and axle details. Our preferred design is to use a heavy 15mm thick steel flange continuously machine welded on both sides into the rim, to give reinforcement and eliminate point loads. We may use flanges of different profiles and thickness. Wheels are available complete with centre discs bolted in, or rims only, or centre discs only.

Fixed Centre Wheels

Fixed centre wheels are lower maintenance with no rim bolts to check and generally offer a higher strength wheel than a wheel with adjustable centre discs. They are available in two designs: formed disc or flat plate. Formed disc wheels are the stronger of the two (size for size) and generally use a 12 - 15mm thick disc, fully machine welded into the rim. Discs with different offsets are used to achieve the required track setting. Flat plate wheels may be used in place of a formed disc to achieve a specific track setting or for ultra heavy applications up to 50mm thick. Depending on the application, most plate thickness will be 12, 15, 20, 25 mm, fully machine welded on both sides into the rim.

High Speed Wheels

Vehicles which travel at speeds in excess of 25MPH (40KPH) usually use fixed centre wheels. High speed vehicles using row crop wheels or nonstandard tyres should adhere to the maximum speed rating for the tyre fitted. Excess speed is potentially dangerous and may cause wheel or tyre failure.