Reinforced Wheels

Wheels - Reinforced Wheels

From our vast stock of rims and centres

we can usually build a wheel quickly and cost effectively and non-standard specifications can usually be catered for.

Reinforced Rims and Centre Discs

Rim edges can be reinforced with continuously double welded solid steel bar for forestry or silage lamp work. Valve guards of different designs can be specified. Centre discs of all types can be reinforced around the hub area if required.

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Bolt in hub

Usually applicable to fixed centre wheels - If the same wheel is to be used on different tractors with different hubs (8/10/12 stud) - we offer bolt-in hub adaptors to allow wheels to be utilised better on many different vehicles. It is also possible to have bolt-in adaptors to adjust the track setting from one tractor to another when the axles are different lengths. Many options are available - please enquire.

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Wheel and axle spacers can be manufactured for specific track settings or to straddle beds or for controlled traffic farming. Discs can be modified to give increased or decreased track settings from standard, and it is recommended that we reinforce them to cope with the extra stress of extreme track settings - please enquire.

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All wheels can be colour matched if requested and even a specific paint type can be specified. (a surcharge may apply - please enquire). For information, advice or pricing for any of these products, please call our sales team.

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