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The Turbo Jet is a versatile and accurate pneumatic applicator to meter and spread most small seeds up to 8m wide. It is available with 6, 8 or 10 outlets, and with either VS-2 or i-CON controls, + options of tractor ISOBUS, or RDS ISOCAN or ISO-ARTEMIS control. VS-2 is the ideal machine to establish or rejuvenate pasture, or apply low cost cover crops, and the GPS based i-CON provides the ultimate in accuracy with precision farming variable rate for OSR seeding.

The Turbo Jet is typically used to sow small seeds such as rape, mustard, turnips, etc, at very low rates down to 2 kgs/ha or below, through to full rate grass seeding at 40+ kgs/ha. It is also suitable to apply slug pellets prior to or post drilling , fertiliser - both prilled and micro-granular, herbicide granules such as Avadex ® and cereal seeds used to stabilise blowing soil. (Alternative feed rolls are available to enhance performance with micro-granular products.) Two or three Turbo Jets may be used together to apply OSR and fertiliser and slug pellets at the same time. It is possible to do this using only one control - please enquire for details. It is usually fitted to cultivation equipment of all types such as tined grass harrows up to 6m wide, or 3m wide mounted stubble cultivators, to 8m wide x 20m long tillage trains. It is suited to both folding or rigid equipment and will work up to 30m from the power source. It is adaptable for broadcasting or band sowing and the 6, 8 or 10 outlets can be doubled to 12, 16 or 20 for the ultimate broadcast effect, or can be individually blanked off to band sow with a 5, 7 or 9 leg subsoiler. Use it with tined grass harrows to undersow or re-seed pasture, or with almost any cultivator as a low cost one pass seeder. A 12 volt motor drives fluted feed rolls that meter seeds into the individual air tubes. High capacity electric fans ensure a reliable spread, and the versatile feed mechanism easily adapts for different rates and products, and a selectable agitator prevents difficult grass seeds from bridging. The Turbo Jet is supplied as standard with everything that should be required, and the only cost options are extra extension cables when fitting to long cultivators.

Note. The TJ6 is usually used with smaller implements up to 3m wide, the TJ8 used up to 6m wide and the TJ10 up to 8m wide. Please call for advice regarding your requirement.


Choice of Vari-Speed or i-CON control (+ ISO option)
Supplied with 5m fused battery power cable and 6m connector and power cables from console to Turbo Jet. Extension cables as a cost option.
Hopper capacity 240L (150 kgs rape or 85 kgs grass or 180 kgs slug pellets)
Net Weight 125 kgs.
Power requirement 12 volts DC - 30 amps.
Dimensions - mm W700 x D1200 x H1200.

Electric Controls

Two systems are available VS-2 or i-CON (+ ISO option). Each supplied with control console, 6m connector cable from the control console. 5m fused battery lead to connect from the battery to the back of the cab, and join the 6m power lead = 11m total power lead. Extension cables available as a cost option

Spread Width

The TJ6 typically spreads to approx 3m wide, the TJ8 typically spreads to approximately 6m wide, and the TJ10 typically spreads to 8m wide ? please enquire for advice. Each delivery tube may be split into two using supplied ? Y ? connectors that are positioned near the spreaders, so 6 outlets becomes 12, and 8 becomes 16, and 10 becomes 20.
The number of tubes will depend on the product being applied, the implement width and type, and the decision to broadcast or band sow.

Spreader Kit

Each Turbo Jet is supplied with 12 (TJ6) or 16(TJ8) or 20 (TJ10) spreaders and sufficient steel channel rail (TJ6 = 4m, TJ8 & TJ10 = 8m) and brackets to aid fitting the spreaders to the implement, where they slide along the channel to the required position and are locked in place. Product is metered by the feed rolls down individual delivery tubes to the spreaders.

A 25m reel of tube is supplied as standard to be cut to length as required.

Broadcast or Band Sown effectClick on images below to enlarge:

The spreaders have a detachable spread plate which is retained for broadcasting and simply removed for band sowing.


Broadcast width of each spreader will vary with different product being spread, and height from the ground. The pipes may need to split using the Y connectors, and the tubes and spreaders are fanned out to suit.
Typical height approx 250 - 400mm and will vary according to product being metered. The spreader kit is easily user modified as required, and extra lengths of hose are available as a cost option.
Turbo Jet BroadcastTurbo Jet Broadcast

Band Sow

Simply position the delivery tubes as required across the implement width.
Blanking Spacers and air stoppers are supplied to reduce the number of outlets for band seeding with a 9, 7 or 5 leg sub soiler for example.

Feed Mechanism - Click on images below to enlarge:

Small seed and grass seed rolls are supplied as standard.
Fluted feed rolls on a stainless steel shaft are driven by a 12 volt electric motor. The application rate is set by the combination of feed roll type and shaft speed.
Simple calibration catch and weigh test to establish application rate, a calibration tray is supplied.Turbo Jet FeedTurbo Jet Feed

Small Seeds - Click on the images below to enlarge:

Individual feed rolls for each outlet ensure accuracy down to very low rates or 2kgs/ha or below of rape seed. These feed rolls are assembled on the shaft in combination with spacers to give the required application rate and forward speed range. They are easily changed as required.
Turbot Jet Small Seed

Grass Seed and Mixes - Click on the images below to enlarge:

High capacity feed rolls are supplied to meter high rates of grass up to 40 kgs/ha at 6m wide at 12 kph.Turbot Jet Airflow

An agitator powered by a separate electric motor is fitted inside the hopper base and used with grass seeds to prevent difficult seeds bridging, and ensure a constant flow of seed to the feed rolls.
Turbot Jet Agitator

Other Seeds and Granules and Micro-granules.

Please enquire for alternative feed rolls and feed blocks for other seeds and granular and micro-granular products ? such as cover crop mixes, slug pellets, prilled fertiliser, micro-granular starter fertilisers, Avadex®, etc.

Airflow - Click on the images below to enlarge:

High capacity reliable electric fans and large bore tube deliver powerful airflow for reliable spreading (TJ6 = single fan, TJ8 and TJ10 = double fan IP 68 rated waterproof and dustproof,) The fans are totally enclosed by mesh air intakes to prevent the ingress of straw and chaff, and are easily accessible for cleaning, just hinge the complete fan cover upwards to expose the fans.

Turbot Jet Airflow
Turbot Jet Airflow

Fitting to the Implement

The positioning of both the Turbo Jet itself and the spreaders will vary according to the seed being used, the implement type (rigid or folding) and length and width, the effect required (broadcast or band sown). The Turbo Jet has a robust 5mm pressed steel base plate which should be used to bolt to user supplied brackets. The spreaders may be attached equi-distant across the width in front of or behind following depth control rolls or press rings or wheels or positioned in line with sub-soiler or cultivator legs.

PRICING CHOICE - Models & Cost Options

All models are very comprehensively equipped with small seed rolls, grass seed rolls, blanking rolls and air stoppers to reduce outlets. 25m delivery tube, 6, 8 or 10 Y connectors to split delivery tubes, 12, 16 or 20 spreaders with detachable plate, 4 or 8m of steel channel rail + brackets, hopper agitator, calibration tray.


ISO control option, 400L Hopper, alternative feed rolls and feed block for other seeds and granular and micro-granular products, extension power and connector cables in 4m, 6m, and 10m lengths.