Rotor Meter And Air Force

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Applicators - Rotor Meter And Air Force

The Rotor Meter is available as a 1, 2 or 3 outlet sealed and water resistant applicator to accurately and safely meter micro and full size granular material, and small seeds in controlled placement applications in agricultural and horticultural situations, and is available with Vari-Speed or i-CON controls, + options of tractor ISOBUS, or RDS ISOCAN or ISO-ARTEMIS control.

It is typically used for placement of sulphur granules, slug pellets or fertiliser whilst planting potatoes, or the safe application of chemical micro granules for incorporation whilst bed forming or planting vegetables, or the accurate placement of granules into growing salad and vegetable crops. Often used to introduce slug pellets into the main airflow of an air drill to be blown down with the seed, or silage inoculant granules into a forage harvester, etc. Use for accurate drilling or placement of seeds in rows or beds. Alternative feed rolls are available for different materials and application rates. Hopper capacity 65 litres (approx 50 kgs slug pellets, 75 kg micro granular fertiliser, 100 kgs sulphur granules). A option of a larger hopper is available - please enquire.

2, 3 or 4 Rotor Meters can be fitted to one machine and used together to give multiple row applications - please enquire for details.
row applications - please enquire for details.


Choice of i-CON or Vari-Speed control systems, (+ ISO option)
Choice of 1, 2 or 3 Outlets.
Easy empty hoppers Simply pull a pin and the complete machine tips through 90 degrees for quick, safe emptying of contents
Weight Net 30 kgs. Gross - variable according to contents - Fertiliser and Sulphur are far more dense than slug pellets !
Power requirement. 12 volts DC 15 amps.
Dimensions - mm. W500 x D560 x H 870 (65L)

Electric Controls

Two systems are available Vari-Speed or i-CON. Each supplied with control
console, 6m connector cable from the control console. Vari Speed supplied with 3.5m fused battery lead, i-CON supplied with 7m power lead to connect to tractor 3 pin DIN plug. If no 3 pin plug available, a fused battery lead is a cost option. Extension cables available as a cost option (+ ISO option)

Feed Mechanism

Water resistant leak proof hoppers and feed mechanism for safe application of chemical granules, fertiliser, etc.
Will meter almost any granule or seed from fine micro-granules to rough trace element fertiliser, and clover to maize. (Product must free-flow)
Product is metered via rotating fluted feed rolls powered by an electric motor, and gravity fed down 2 or 3 delivery tubes as required.
Supplied with 3m delivery tube per row to integrate with parent implement.
(Note: no spreaders are supplied.)
Alternative feed rolls are available for different products and application rates, and are easily changed. The complete feed block can be removed in seconds with nomtools required. The feed motor is switched on and off for instant positive start and stop. Application rates are set by the combination of feed roll type and speed of rotation.
Application rate can be changed on the move from the tractor seat.
Simple calibration catch and weigh test to establish application rate.


Use the bolt holes provided in the tipping bracket. Mount hoppers high enough to ensure gravity feed of product down the delivery tubes.
Use 2 or 3 Rotor Meters together if required.
Please enquire for details.

Rotor Meter AIR FORCE

This is a standard Rotor Meter with an additional 12v electric fan fitted to give pneumatic delivery of product (rather than gravity flow) up to several metres away. It has all the same functionality of the standard Rotor Meter and is available with Vari Speed or i-CON controls, and with 1, 2 or 3 outlets. The outlet pipes can be split into 2 using a "Y" connector giving 2, 4 or 6 outlets as maximum.

Use the Air Force to spread product to a greater width when gravity is not sufficient, for example; to spread slug pellets or fertiliser accurately under fruit bushes and trees, or when working in inter-row crops or on bed work.

PRICING CHOICE - Models & Cost Options

Rotor Meter & Airforce Vari-Speed complete with control console and standard cables and 3 metres or delivery tube per outlet.
Rotor Meter & Airforce i-CON complete with control console and standard cables and 3 metres or delivery tube per outlet.
NOTE. Specify No. of outlets - 2 outlet or 3 outlet.


ISO control option
Extension connector cables - are available.
Alternative feed rolls - for different rates and product.
Larger hopper - 130 litre hopper.