Micro Meter Combi Drive

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Applicators - Micro Meter Combi Drive

The Combi-Drive is designed to fit behind, and take a mechanical drive from the existing Stocks Micro Meter i-CON OSR seeder, and is used to band sow or broadcast slug pellets or growth promotion granular fertiliser, whilst OSR seeding using a cultivator.

The pellets or fertiliser are placed exactly where required, reducing costs, and contamination of water at field margins and focuses nutrients whilst aiding compliance of NVZ regulations. The application rate will be proportionate to the forward speed using the existing GPS based RDS i-CON control system to control both Micro Meters. Using a separate hopper, feed units and delivery tubes from the OSR seeder enables independent application rates to be used, and the placement of the slug pellets or fertiliser granules can be positioned wherever is required for maximum effect. For example slug pellets can be banded over the seed, behind the roll, on the surface where they will be most effective, and fertiliser can be placed in front of or behind cultivator legs, or with the seed.


(per metre)
Power requirement. Mechanical drive taken from i-CON Micro Meter.
Hopper capacity. Outlet spacing. 166mm
Net weight. 1m = 40kgs
Dimensions each unit - mm. W 1070 x D 320 x H 480 less spreader or 900 including spreader.
Spreader kit and blanking plates as the Wizard Micro Meter.
Application rate. Once each Micro Meter is calibrated independently, the GPS based i-CON control system ensures accurate and reliable application in proportion to forward speed.
Both Micro Meters (i-CON and Combi-Drive) have individual stepless calibration using different feed aperture settings, thus each Micro Meter can apply the required application rates of seed, slug pellets, or fertiliser. (OSR typically 2.5-5kgs/ha, Slug pellets typically 3-15 kgs/ha, Granular fertiliser typically 10- 30 kgs/ha.)
Fitting to the implement. The Micro Meter Combi-Drive uses robust brackets to simply bolt to the existing OSR Micro Meter i-CON, and a simple chain drive to transfer the drive from the Micro Meter i-CON. Each hopper has 6 outlets which may be blanked off as required. The Combi-Drive is available to fit both 1 and 2 metre Micro Meter i-CON's typically used with rigid cultivators up to 3 metres wide.

PRICING CHOICE - Models & Cost Options

Micro Meter Combi-Drive 1m or 2m.
Complete with drive brackets and spreader kit.