Fan Jet Pro And Pro Plus

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Applicators - Fan Jet Pro And Pro Plus

The Pro is the most popular Fan Jet and is suitable to fit to, and use with all machines including ATV's, UTV's, tractors, self propelled and trailed sprayers, and cultivation machinery - in fact any vehicle, or even boats, with a 12 volt power source.

Although it is used primarily to spread slug pellets to 24m from a wide variety of vehicles, it is equally suitable as a seed broadcaster, especially with the Grass Seed Deflector, or Vario control. Re-seed or over-seed pasture with a tined grass harrow, or broadcast small seeds such as rape, turnip and clover from a stubble cultivator. Use with chemical granules such as herbicide granules in glasshouses or on land, weed control in waterways, low rate fertiliser applications, game feeding, etc. It will spread most free flowing products - widths will depend on the size, shape and density - larger, more aerodynamic, heavy products spread further. If the width must be restricted, choose the Vario disc speed control.

Available with 2 hopper capacities, either 65 litres (approx 50 kgs slug pellets or 22 kgs grass) or 130 litres (approx 100 kgs slug pellets or 45 kgs grass) and is named ' Fan Jet Pro 65 ', or ' Fan Jet Pro 130 ' accordingly.


Choice of 65 litre or 130 litre hoppers
Easy empty hopper. Simply pull a pin and the complete machine tips through 90 degrees for quick, safe emptying of contents.
Weight. Net 35 kgs. Gross 85kgs (65L) 135 kgs (130L)
Power requirement. 12 volts DC - 20 amps.
Dimensions - mm. W500 x D560 x H820 (65L) or H940 (130L)

Spread Widths

For all products we recommend a minimum disc height of 1m from the ground or crop canopy, and calm conditions. It can spread a large dense granule up to 28m.
Slug pellets. Typical width with most slug pellets is 18 to 24m. Dry or steam
processed pellets should spread to 20m+, more dense wet extruded pellets should be 24m+.
Seeds. It is also equally suitable to spread small seeds such as Grass up to 6m,
Rape up to 18m, Stubble Turnips and Clover up to 12 - 15m.
Other products. It will spread any material that flows freely through the feed
apertures; for example Game feed, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Prilled fertiliser (low rate
only), Refined dry Salt, Sulphur granules, Herbicide micro-granules, etc. Widths will
vary according to product density - more dense = wider spread.


ATV's We recommend only the Pro 65 for use with an ATV, especially with the ATV Fitting Kit - see Cost Options.
UTV's. (Utility Vehicles, eg, JD Gator, Kawasaki Mule, Kioti Mechron, etc) Both the Pro 65 or 130 (and Twin) are suitable to use with these machines and an optional UTV Fitting Kit may be available - see Cost Options.
Base or back mounting. For other installations, the tipping bracket attaches horizontally or vertically for base or back mounting, and has 2 hole positions to adjust the angle of pitch.

Electric Controls - Click on images below to enlarge:

Provide instant start and stop of spreading. Standard control console, 3.5m fused battery power lead and 6m connector cable are supplied. Vario Disc Speed control and Extension cables as a cost option.
This model can be connected to a sprayer master switch, to automatically start and stop as the sprayer turned on and off.

Fan Jet Pro standard controlFan Jet Pro Vario control

Fan Jet Pro Vario controlFan Jet Pro standard control

Spreading Features

A custom built disc motor designed to run with the reduced power output typical of an ATV, and still maintain high speed and torque under full load to give maximum spread.
The stainless steel double skin disc has 2 long stainless steel vanes running from the centre of the disc to the outside. Pellets are collected gently in the centre, and then accelerated along the vane between the top and bottom disc, with less breakage to give a wider and more even spread of intact pellets with greater efficacy in the field and improved resistance to weathering.
Product is gravity metered through 2 feed apertures for a more even distribution onto the disc and thus a better and more even spread pattern left and right, than with just a single feed aperture. An agitator ensures a consistent flow of pellets. The all stainless steel and plastic feed mechanism has stepless adjustment of application rate with an easy to use graduated lockable slide. The two feed apertures open initially with a small elliptical shape for low rate seeding with OSR, stubble turnips, etc, and open fully for high rate / high speed slug pelleting and grass seeding. Electric actuators are switched via the control console and power the separate feed shut off slides to give instant, positive start and stop to spreading.

Fan Jet Pro Spreader

Width and Headland Control

Integral adjustable width deflectors are fitted to each side of the disc and can be used individually as a headland control to one side only, or together to give fine tuning or overall reduction of the spreading width. For maximum spread width keep them retracted or simply pull them round as far as required to restrict the spread.
Stepless spread bias adjustment provides adjustment of the throw of product to the left or right to fine tune the pattern, and can also be used as a headland control - especially if used with the deflectors. Simply rotate the complete feed mechanism in the direction where you want more product.
Vario Disc Speed Control - see cost options.

PRICING CHOICE - Models & Cost Options

Fan Jet Pro 65 and 130.
All models are supplied complete with control console and standard cables


Vario Disc Speed Control A disc speed control to reduce the overall spreading width - ideal to use as headland control with slug pellets, or when broadcasting small seeds using an implement, for example when incorporating a cover crop of clover or stubble turnips using a stubble cultivator or grass seed using a tined grass harrow. Use with the integral width deflectors or optional seed deflector, and simply dial down the disc speed as required to match the bout width.
ATV Fitting Kit. A universal, all steel, quick fit bracket and attaching mechanism to fit the Fan Jet to the rear luggage carrier. The bracket elevates the Fan Jet above the
rear carrier to maximise the disc height, and jacking bolts adjust the angle of pitch of the Fan Jet to compensate for suspension deflection of the ATV under load. Short 2m power and 2.5m connector cables minimise power drop to maximise disc motor speed and spread width. A rear shield bolts to the Fan Jet to protect the operator.
UTV Fitting Kit. Depending on your model of UTV, a suitable fitting kit may be available - please enquire.
Grass Seed Deflector. This easily attached, adjustable, all steel deflector gives
a more accurate and controlled placement of grass seed when re-seeding or overseeding pasture with a tined grass harrow. It provides adjustable width and depth of spread, and will deflect seed down into the tines of the harrow – especially useful in windy conditions. It is suitable for use with harrows 3 - 6m wide, and supplied with a grass agitator as standard.
Grass Seed Agitator. Replaces the standard agitator to help prevent difficult seeds bridging in the hopper.
Calibration Chute. To assist when calibrating the machine, the chute quickly and simply attaches to the Fan Jet to safely collect and channel the pellets or seed into a collection bag for weighing.
Extension connector cables are available if required in 2.5m, 6m, 10m.

Fan Jet Pro Plus

Fan Jet Pro Plus. This model has all the features of the standard Fan Jet Pro
in terms of spreading performance, headland control, and cost options (except variable disc speed is standard) The difference is that this model uses a rotary feed mechanism instead of gravity feed onto the disc. Fluted feed rolls are driven by a reliable electric motor, and the choice of feed roll and speed of rotation determines the application rate. The standard control allows rates and disc speeds to be manually changed on the move, or using the i-CON GPS based control, rates are automatically controlled in proportion to forward speed for ultimate accuracy, and can apply PF variable rate application working from field maps, + ISO options of tractor ISOBUS, or RDS ISOCAN or ISO ARTEMIS control. Rotary feed also allows very low application rates to be used for multiple low rate top-ups without risk of blockages.

NOTE - this model weighs more than the standard Pro, and if fitted to an ATV, ensure
the rear carrier is suitable.